Founding Partner

Andrea De Maria has had a brilliant career in accounting and finance. Starting as the Chief Accountant at Grant Thornton, he later advanced to the role of Accounting Director at Deloitte in 2000. Currently, Andrea is a General Partner at Sigma Ventures and also serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Global Trust Advisors S.A., one of Luxembourg’s largest fiduciary companies. In his role at Global Trust Advisors S.A., Andrea handles financial management, regulatory compliance, and effective fund management.

Renowned for his expertise in complex financial structuring, Andrea has been instrumental in establishing special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for significant real estate investments. His strategic insights and extensive financial experience have been crucial to the successful launch and management of these SPVs, demonstrating his invaluable contribution to the field.

In addition, Andrea holds board memberships in several prestigious real estate funds. His exceptional track record in the accounting industry has established him as a trusted professional and an industry expert. Andrea’s comprehensive experience, spanning from accounting to strategic financial management, continues to be a vital asset to Sigma Ventures, benefiting both the company’s families and corporate clients.

Contact | ademaria@sigmaventures.eu



Founding Partner

José Soares brings over 25 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship and strategic investment, with a career that spans significant roles in both the US and Europe. He has held executive positions at global powerhouses such as Vodafone, Verizon, Merck, and Globo Group. José’s expertise extends to mergers and acquisitions, where he has successfully navigated numerous high-profile deals, particularly in the technology sector. His ability to identify and integrate synergistic opportunities has been a key driver of growth and innovation.

Beyond his corporate achievements, José has provided expert advisory services to both public and private sectors, notably serving as a Special Advisor on Technology Development to the European Union, with a focus on environmental sustainability and innovation.

As the Director of Strategic Investments and General Partner, Jose is dedicated to optimizing the growth and diversification of Sigma’s family assets. He has successfully led transactions that collectively exceed €5 billion, with a special focus on investments that promote sustainability. Jose is also a member of the investment committee for several private equity and alternative investment funds. His expertise and leadership in these roles have earned him a reputation as a trusted and highly respected professional in the field.

Contact | jose.soares@sigmaventures.eu


Founding Partner

Jorge Cunha is a seasoned financial professional with an extensive background in the banking industry and diverse roles in finance. His career began at Dresdner Bank in the private banking department, laying the foundation for his deep understanding of financial services. Jorge’s expertise and leadership skills were further recognized when he was promoted to Vice President at Banco Italiano Popolare in 2006, where he played a pivotal role in financial strategy and global client relations.

In 2012, Jorge joined Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, managing the Iberian and South American markets. His tenure here was marked by significant contributions to the bank’s growth and client portfolio expansion, showcasing his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes.
Transitioning to entrepreneurship in 2015, Jorge co-founded Sigma Trust, bringing his comprehensive knowledge in finance and banking to the forefront of the company’s real estate operations. At Sigma, he has been instrumental in diversifying the company’s portfolio, including taking on roles as a board member in various real estate funds, serving as a multi-family office advisor, and leveraging his extensive experience in football agency and trading.

Jorge’s foray into factoring and trade finance has added another dimension to his expertise, enabling Sigma to offer a wider range of financial solutions to its clients. His ability to blend traditional banking acumen with innovative financial strategies has made him highly valued in the industry. Jorge’s diverse experience and strategic insights continue to be a cornerstone of Sigma Ventures’ success and a significant asset to its families and partners.

Contact | jorge.cunha@sigmatrust.eu



André Marques is a highly experienced civil engineer with a rich and varied background in the real estate industry. His career began at Martifer, where he played a crucial role in implementing the Portuguese Energetic Certificate Buildings program. This early achievement set the stage for a career marked by significant accomplishments and leadership roles in various multinational companies.

Throughout his career, André has adeptly managed a broad spectrum of real estate projects across Africa and Europe, showcasing his versatility and expertise in both industrial and residential sectors. He has established a strong track record in sustainable construction practices, significantly contributing to the development of eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings.

Joining Sigma as a Partner in 2017, André brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. At Sigma, he has been instrumental in expanding the company’s real estate portfolio, skillfully overseeing large-scale projects and spearheading innovation in construction techniques and materials.
André’s active involvement in consulting for urban development projects has provided valuable strategic insights for city planning and infrastructure development. His notable contributions in this domain have earned him several industry awards, reinforcing his reputation as an accomplished professional.

André’s exceptional skill in managing complex projects, coupled with his commitment to sustainable practices and innovation, continues to significantly contribute to Sigma Luxembourg. His extensive experience and strategic acumen are not only a testament to his personal achievements but also a vital asset to Sigma’s continued growth and esteemed reputation in the real estate sector.

Contact |  amarques@sigmaventures.eu




Alfredo Durán is a seasoned professional with over thirty years of experience in various industries. He spent the first ten years of his career in the hotel and furniture sectors before moving on to Private Banking and Asset Management. Alfredo has worked with top tier institutions such as BBVA and two of the largest Family Offices globally, where he was responsible for managing investments across a wide range of asset classes, including Real Estate, Debt, Stocks, Derivatives, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Private Direct Investments in different sectors.
Throughout his career, Alfredo has held several notable positions, including serving on the board of nH Hotels, Hospes Hotels, and Digna Biotech. Currently, he is a member of the investment committee of the Emerald Marshall Bridge Mezzanine fund. Alfredo’s extensive knowledge and expertise have made him a highly respected professional in the industry and a valuable asset to Sigma Ventures.

Contact | aduran@sigmaventures.eu





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